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Transforming Health and Performance Improvement Innovation Leadership

It’s Time to Get Real About Care Delivery

Les C. Meyer, MBA and Russell D. Robbins, MD, MBA, Corporate Wellness Magazine. January 2022.

Transformational technologies are briskly changing our healthcare ecosystem — altering patient-centered care delivery while advancing quality improvement with validated clinical excellence algorithms. These, in turn, create powerful, actionable insights for improving people’s lives, achieving better healthcare, and lowering costs while also fueling healthier, stronger organizations.

Digital Technology’s Promise for Better Health Care Delivery.
How emerging technologies will drive the transformation.

Les C. Meyer, MBA, Member, NEJM Insights Council. Contributor, NEJM Catalyst. April 2022.

Healthcare systems must be willing to break down barriers to get the most out of digital technologies. Once we abandon the status quo mindset about healthcare and everything we do, then you can apply some amazing enabling technologies.

Ask an Adviser: What’s the best approach to digital health?

Les C. Meyer, MBA, Employee Benefit News. November 2021.

There are so many digital health tools out there. What elements should we be looking for in our search for the right solution?

Wellbeing in the Workplace: A Practical Guide for Business.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Les C. Meyer, MBA, in collaboration with the President’s Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End the National Tragedy of Suicide (PREVENTS) Executive Order Task Force via Member and Contributor. February 2021.

This guide will help businesses of all sizes take measures to prioritize mental health and emotional wellbeing in the workplace. Good mental health and emotional wellbeing are strategic imperatives for American business. Depression, anxiety and feelings of isolation, loneliness and hopelessness not only plague productivity and work quality, they have a significant impact on employee morale and a sense of shared purpose. Our aim is to help people flourish and thrive.

Metro Nashville Public Schools Hits The Mark in IBI Study: Game Changers Identify, Empower and Demonstrate Student Achievement as it Correlates to Teachers’ Health.

Les C. Meyer, MBA, Corporate Wellness Magazine. September 2018

Find out why federal education mandates and urban challenges motivated a school district to find the right partner and seek a unique approach that continues to identify, empower, and demonstrate the value of optimizing teacher health and how this program impacts students.

On Living Well: Revealing the Next Level of Population Health.

Les C. Meyer, MBA, Corporate Wellness Magazine. October 2015.

Population health management has been around for decades, but only recently has gained the unyielding attention from mainstream healthcare enterprises and provider organizations.  Early adopters are taking aim at the value of population health culture of wellness improvement innovations and their speed to value/speed to return.

Mayo Sharpens Mindful Wellness Vision: A CEO's Perspective on Healthy Living Innovation. Mayo’s Growth in Wellness to Expand as it Keeps its Focus “People-Centric”

Les C. Meyer, MBA, Corporate Wellness Magazine. October 2015.

Explore why mindful innovation achievement is transforming health and performance improvement innovation leadership in the C-Suite and taking advanced mind-body connection self-actualization to a new level to deliver a truly transformational healthy living (living well) work-life experience.

Forget ROI: Aetna CEO’s Perspective on Wellness & Functionality

Les C. Meyer, MBA, Corporate Wellness Magazine. October 2014.

Explore why for many organizations, healthcare costs are one of their biggest financial issues. This means that innovative wellness programs aren’t just “nice to have” – they are essential to the success of the organization. And wellness programs don’t just reduce healthcare costs – they also can improve productivity.

5 Big Questions On Innovation

Les C. Meyer, MBA, Board Member, Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network and Member, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council. December 2014

Learn how an idea of being “hard-wired MI” emerged in mid-2009 as CEOs worked feverishly on getting their arms around their “Big Idea.”  And then, watching them formulate strategic plans to transform their companies by advancing their breakthrough brainchild as a “constructive, disruptive innovation.” Over and over these leaders were relying on outdated “thriving on chaos” playbooks not recognizing the competitive imperfections in the marketplace.

Necessity Prompts Strategic Adaptation.

Les C. Meyer, MBA, American Journal of Medical Quality (AJMQ). January/February 2011.

Explore why informed opinion leaders believe value is built on four essential elements: 1) Trustworthiness and Trust, 2) Engagement and Incentive Alignment, 3) Relevant Information, and 4) Distinct Choices. Value (and value creation) are created by meaningful, productive interactions and personalized experiences of consumers. Value-based purchasing means that individuals will have greater control over decisions affecting their health care and be motivated by the four essential elements.

Social Determinants of Health—an Employer Priority.

Les C. Meyer, MBA, Member and Contributor. HERO-HWHC Study Committee on Social Determinants of Health. January 2020.

This research study was produced by the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) and the Healthy Workplaces Healthy Communities Study Committee (HWHC). Learn why the intersection between workplace well-being, community health, population health improvement and the value of public-private partnerships — defining the intersection of workplace and community health promotion and improvement represents a two-way street that has the potential to operate in a synergistic manner.

People Strategists Driving a Culture of Health.

Les C. Meyer, MBA. HR Pulse Magazine, American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) of the American Hospital Association (AHA). Winter 2011.

Explore how hospital CEOs recognize that creating a “culture of health” and helping people live better is a critical business strategy and serious economic imperative. These savvy leaders are re-engineering their fundamental way of doing business, changing the way they deliver care, and adopting a nimble approach to boost growth, creating productive advantage through healthy people, and upholding predictable revenue streams.

People Strategists' Reveal Key C-Suite Secrets to Bend the Trend.

Les C. Meyer, MBA, Corporate Wellness Magazine. Spring 2011.

Learn why the next generation of solutions can be found in the notion of “value realization.” Success depends on insightful decision-making and problem solving, as well as an intuitive ability to lead their strategic business unit to create self-sustaining environments and support infrastructure wherein employees and their dependents consciously and subconsciously make healthier lifestyle choices.

Work-Based Health Promotion in the Era of Health Reform Leadership Group Offers Employers, Orgs Roadmap for Complying With Reform.

Les C. Meyer, MBA, Case In Point Magazine, Dorland Health. July/August 2011.

Explore how systemic advancements for total population health and wellness framework for accountability describes how hospitals and physicians need to change their fundamental way of doing business to evolve, achieve and thrive. Community hospital CEOs and community physician leaders recognize the meaningful use of health as a core competency and pathway to economic wellbeing and strategic imperative to achieve short-term growth, profit goals and sustain long-term competitive advantage.

It’s About Time—Virtual Health Management.

Les C. Meyer, MBA, The Case Manager. March/April 1996.

This article introduces the solution of Virtual Health Management (VHM), a system of lifetime, comprehensive health care specifically designed to benefit the chronically ill, purchasers, providers, trusted-clinicians and caregivers.

Disruptive Innovation and the Evolution of the Medical Home.

Les C. Meyer, MBA, Group Practice Journal. November/December 2009.

Explore why America needs a patient-centered medical home model of care that redesigns the way primary care is delivered and financed. The medical home model will provide incentives for doctors to spend more time with their patients and offer better coordinated higher quality medical care.

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