Health performance improvement Advisors LLC

Transforming Health and Performance Improvement Innovation Leadership

Les C. Meyer, MBA
Health Care Strategist
President and CEO, HPI Advisors, LLC


Who We Are

HPI Advisors is a healthcare consulting consortium whose independent, informed opinion leadership action group — comprised of top-tier healthcare professionals — serves clients in all sectors of the industry. 

What We Do


Our vision

HPI Advisors vision is transforming health and performance improvement innovation leadership worldwide.

Our Focus

Next generation enabling innovations, which advance leadership ideas to create accountable care communities with healthcare clients and next level health and performance Improvement (HPI) projects with purchasers, providers, patients, payers and policymakers.

Our goal

The company’s objective is to create consumer-friendly, accountable care communities and help purchasers identify critical workforce HPI issues.

Our Product

We provide client's with practical, reliable, transparent, easily implemented and cost-effective HPI continuous value enhancement (CVE) tools, techniques and standards of practice and best-in-class enabling technologies and meaningful IT connections for sound decision making.

Have something in mind for us to tackle?

We are ready to help you achieve the next level of value, performance, and growth.

HPI Advisors, LLC, a Colorado-based, national resource and think tank of 50+ work life health and performance improvement continuous value enhancement (HPE/CVE) experts.