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The following downloads provide Summit participants with relevant tools, techniques and how to’s for executing innovative population health promotion best practices — helping to ensure a healthy workforce productive advantage, maximize an organization's human potential and align an organization around a common set of leadership principles.



Periodicals and White Papers
How to Evolve, Achieve and Thrive: Change Agents Offer Employers Rx for
Complying With Health Care Reform

Collective Impact
Channeling Change: Making Collective Impact Work
Public Health And Business: A Partnership That Makes Cents
Care Redesign — A Path Forward for Providers
Achieving Accountable Health Assurance - A Profile of the Marillac Clinic
Work-Based Health Promotion in the Era of Health Reform
Forbes Insights: Innovation Beyond the Four Walls
The Value of Happiness: Harvard Business Review
A Strategy to Create Jobs and Reduce the Deficit by Making the Healthy Choice the Easiest Choice
American Journal of Health Promotion
Telework: The Impact on Health and Health Improvement Strategies (NBGH)
Health and Productivity Management Toolkit (ACOEM)
HERO Best Practice Scorecard in Collaboration with Mercer
Employer Health Asset Management Roadmap
Theory and Reality of Value-Based Purchasing: Lessons from the Pioneers

Better health means stronger work force – Denver Business Journal
Medical Costs Continue to Rise at Double-Digit Levels Around the World, Towers Watson Survey Finds
Mayo Clinic Employees Responded To New Requirements For Cost Sharing By Reducing Possibly Unneeded Health Services Use
The Link Between Employee Engagement and a Corporate Culture of Health
Coloradans to Get Help Shopping for the Best Deal in Health Care
CIVHC and CHI Identify Payment Strategies to Control Health Care Costs and Improve Quality in Colorado
What CFOs Really Want
CFOs Emerge as Champions of Healthcare Benefits
New IBI Research Finds CFOs Play Critical Role in Health Care Benefits
Decisions (MD News)

The Promise and Pitfalls of Population Health
A Call to Action: Creating a Culture of Health. American Hospital Association
People Strategists Driving a Culture of Health
Sicker and Costlier: Healthcare Utilization of U.S. Hospital Employee
Assessment Tools Power Culture of Health and Population Health
Disruptive Innovation and the Evolution of the Medical Home - Health
and Performance Improvement/Continuous Value Enhancement

Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Law, Colorado Efforts Continue with Full Support
ACOs: A New Remedy Emerges for Spiraling Health Costs
Essential Health Benefits - Individuals and Small Business
Employers And The Exchanges Under The Small Business Health Options Program: Examining The Potential And The Pitfalls
When smaller is better
The health and wealth of US counties: how the small business environment impacts alternative measures of development
U.S. Counties With Thriving Small Businesses Have Healthier Residents
HealthTeamWorks - Partners and Initiatives
ICSI Healthcare Blog: Transfjorming Healthcare Through Collaboration
Improving Population Health: Policy. Practice. Research
Consumerism: The Right Path to Health Care Reform at Work
Editor's inbox: Reader offers three-pronged strategy to improving health
The Next Big Health Care Strategy
Buying Value—Purchasing Health Care That's Proven to Work
Big Med - Restaurant chains have managed to combine quality control, cost control, and innovation. Can health care? by Atul Gawande, MD
Worksite Health Promotion Program Cuts Absences by 20 Percent (ACOEM)
Leading Health Organizations Issue Guidance on Use of Financial Incentives for Workplace Wellness Programs (ACOEM)

Population Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness
Zero Trends
The Innovator's Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care
Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
ACSM's Worksite Health Handbook: A Guide to Building Healthy &
Productive Companies (2nd Edition)

Corporate Health and Wellness Programs That Work – A Guidebook
for Employers

Imagine: How Creativity Works
Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements
The Advantage – Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything
Else in Business
International Association for Worksite Health Promotion Online Certificate Course
Blue Zones: Lessons For Living Longer From People Who've Lived The Longest
Thrive: Finding Happiness The Blue Zones Way
The New Employee Engagement Paradigm